In 1986 Margaret created Shelton Herb Farm from the land her granddaddy had used as a turpentine farm. She and her husband Chuck, have three sons who grew up on the farm. While employed at UNCW as a Marine Science Tech, she also began growing vegetable gardens at home with the intention of supplying fresh food to her family. 

To be closer to the farm, nature and the way food should taste; Shelton Herb Farm now boasts over 800 varieties of herbs, vegetables, native, and heirloom plants

Margaret Goodman-Shelton

"Creating medicine with the plants that surround us has been such a gratifying part of my life."

I was a lucky one who was raised in a small town on an old farm. I spent my childhood in nature and grew a bond with the earth that never left me. I've been married to my best friend for 15 years and we have 4 remarkable daughters. I have a strong passion for learning about and growing medicinal plants and am currently pursuing an education in the herbalist field.

Jennifer Robinson

"Amateur mycologist, naturalist, and forager."

Harvester and processor for the fresh-cut herb and microgreen orders for local chefs. I also co-own my own sustainable, farm/ecological land project in Columbus County. I love to hike and forage; my favorite herbs are stinging nettle and comfrey.

Chris Dean

"Everday is about working hard and getting dirty; growing herbs and vegetables in the garden."

Traveled all over the U.S. touring with bands like Indigo Girls, Brandi Carlile, and Joan Baez. During a long downtime between tours, I began an apprenticeship at Serenbe Farms just outside Atlanta, GA for 7 months. It changed my life and became a passion.

Heather Brooks

Maria is our lead propagator for all the plants at Shelton Herb Farm. She has been at the farm for over 6 years, but working with plants and nature for over 20 years. Aside from playing and propagating with plants, Maria loves to cook using all the spices and herbs she can find.