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Herb and Flora - Current Availability

At this time of year our Herb and Flora availability changes quickly.

Take a look at our Herb and Flora - Seasonal Availability page for a list of herbs that may be available.


Please Contact Us for our most up-to-day availability.

 Please go to our Chef's Page for more information,

and ordering instructions. 


Below are a few items available year-round



Pepper/Chili Hot Mix 



Flower Garnish - Mix 

A beautiful mix including large, colorful pansies and beautiful nasturtium flowers make our Flower Garnish extra special! 

Herb Garnish 

 Microgreens - Cilantro

Microgreens - Mix

Microgreens - Radish

Each season brings delicious new offerings, so check back often! 

Check out our Herb and Flora Seasonal Availability page.

Please go to our Chef's Page for more information, and ordering instructions.

Contact Us for Quantities Available



Microgreens, Herb Garnish Boxes and Edible Flower Boxes 


Microgreens - are available year-round in a blend or by single variety.





Chinese Cabbage







Tender Greens


Cilantro (packaged separately)


Herb Garnish Boxes - 100 choice, select tips of 10 or more herbs varieties.


Flower Garnish Boxes - a mix of colorful Flowers for garnishing.  


You may request favorite varieties and we will try to honor that if the herbs, flowers, and the weather cooperate with us.